Panama is inevitably best known for the canal and its strategic location as a key business hub between North and South America. The canal is fascinating to see, but there is so much more to Panama, which boasts a rich colonial history dating back to the Spanish conquistadores and the pirates like Captain Morgan who spent their time ransacking the towering coastal forts.

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Sail around the san blas islands

Sailing in San Blas

There are 365 islands in the San Blas archipelago and just a small percentage of those are inhabited. There is no better way to explore these remote, sandy atols and islands than by hiring a fully crewed yacht and slowly meandering around the archipelago.

Moor up on a deserted island for some snorkelling amongst the colourful corals in search of a plethora of fish species or eagle rays and sea stars or perhaps head off to catch a few fish for supper. Most yachts have a kayak onboard so why not spend a lazy afternoon paddling to a deserted sandy beach for some concerted sun worshipping. Alternatively the indigenous Kuna people are an integral part of a visit to the San Blas islands and to visit local villages and get a glimpse of their world and learn about their culture and traditions is a hugely rewarding experience.

Birdwatching from a radar station

Panama - Canal Zone - Canopy Tower - Overview

Panama is famed for its wonderful birdwatching with over 980 species discovered so far. The Canopy Tower is located in the Soberania National Park and started life as a US Air Force radar station when it was protecting the Panama Canal. Now it enjoys a very different existence as the base for some of the most varied bird watching in Central America.

On account of the country’s geography as a land bridge between North and South America, so many migrating birds are funnelled into this narrow isthmus of a country offering spectacular birding.  From the observation deck or even from the bedroom, guests can see a huge variety of birds within Soberania National Park and for those with more, time then you can head into the cloud forest around Cerro Azul (2,500 ft.) and Cerro Jefe (3,300 ft.), where you can go in search of a number of completely different species including Violet-capped, Violet-headed & Snowy-bellied hummingbirds. For keen birdwatchers a few nights spent in an old decomissioned radar station is time very well spent indeed!

The best time to visit Panama is from January to April, which are the dry months. The rainy season tends to start at some stage in May and lasts through to November, although there can still be rain on the Caribbean side in December. Temperatures tend to remain fairly constant throughout the year. The rainy season can sometimes offer better snorkeling & diving as there tends to be less wind so the water visibility is usually better.













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