Carcass Island

Lying to the northwest of the Falklands archipelago, Carcass Island is one of the most picturesque outer-lying islands and is named after the sloop HMS Carcass that arrived in 1766 with the fleet sent to establish the first British settlement at Port Egmont.

Why visit Carcass Island ?

  • Hike up Stanley Hill for stunning views out to other islands
  • Take a boat trip across to West Point to see the albatross colony
  • Relax on a remote sandy beach with nobody else around
  • Enjoy the comings & goings of the Gentoo penguin colony

In its century of habitation this island has had only three owners, all environmentally conscious, and an absence of cats and rats makes the well established hedges and trees an attractive home to many small birds such as the Falklands thrush and Cobb’s wren.

The sandy beaches, rolling hills and low cliffs are the ideal place from which to view the huge diversity of birds that breed or feed on and around the island. The Gentoo and Magellanic penguin, Yellow-billed pintail, Flightless steamer ducks, Magellanic oystercatchers, the rare Striated caracara and Red-backed hawk are just a few of the birds that can be seen here. There is also a growing colony of Southern elephant seals that can usually be seen at the far north west point of the island.

Stanley Hill, just behind the settlement, gives commanding views across Byron Sound to West Falkland, and from Mount Byng (304m) one can see as far as the Jasons and Pebble Island on one side and away to New Island on the other. Red-backed hawks and the occasional peregrine falcon can be seen on some of the steeper slopes.

Both the north and south of the island provide great hiking opportunities, taking in interesting flora, long white sand beaches, penguin colonies and sheltered dunes which are ideal for a picnic. The lack of predation has left Carcass Island with a slightly different feeling to anywhere else in the Falklands which is immediately evident and which really needs to be experienced rather than described. As there are no guided excursions on the island you will have plenty of time to explore this very special island at your own pace.

West Point Island can be visited by boat (1 hour crossing) on a full day excursion and offers the opportunity to possibly see significant numbers of Black-browed albatross, Rockhopper penguins, and stunning cliff scenery including the cliffs of West Point and the Devil’s Nose.




No Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT - 4 Hours

Flight Time

18 hours Direct


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