Tozeur & Tamerza

Tozeur is an attractive desert oasis town situated in far western Tunisia and is the ideal base for exploring the stunning towns of the Jerid that lie along the Algerian border. This has long been one of the country’s most important agricultural districts and the oases are famed for their high quality dates (harvested annually in October).

Why visit Tozeur & Tamerza?

The distinctive old brick town of Tozeur is home to Tunisia’s second largest palmeraie (palm grove) and the labyrinthine Ouled el-Hadef, the town’s delightful old quarter. Believed to have been inhabited for at least 10,000 years, this oasis town was developed by the Romans into Thuzuros and its prosperity rose during the era of the great trans-Sahara caravans between the 14th – 19th Centuries.


The palmeraie of Tozeur covers an area of more than 10 sq. km with at least 200,000 palm trees, watered by more than 200 springs. You can explore the area on foot or by bicycle, along paths that lead along the irrigation canals.


The mountain oasis of Tamerza lies in the rugged Jebel en-Negeb range some 60 km to the north of Tozeur. Nestled in a small valley in the heart of the mountains, Tamerza is one of the region’s most spectacular old villages set against the backdrop of the rugged peaks and fertile palmeraie. Gushing springs and cascading waterfalls add to Tamerza’s attractions and you have the chance for a refreshing shower or swim here.

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