Reunion  is an enchanting French island in the heart of the Indian Ocean brimming with breathtaking landscapes. It is a mountain resting on the sea that came into life after two major volcanic events.  The first event, around two and half million years ago, culminated in the formation of Piton des Neiges (Snow Peak 3069 metres) now a dormant volcano, whilst the second event, around 380,000 years ago, formed Piton de la Fournaise (Furnace Peak 2632 metres) which is still active today and erupts regularly. In the centre of the island, huge collapses formed three cirques named Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie. Along them there are countless hiking trails, cascades and gorges making the cirques a major attraction for mountain lovers.

The coastline is rich in surprising scenery ranging from white or volcanic sand beaches to stunning turquoise lagoons. Within the surrounding ocean there is a wealth of marine life with dolphins, whales and a 22km stretch of beautiful coral reef.

Reunion is a melting pot of cultures, architecture and cuisines. The richness and diversity of its flavours are immense, blending French, Indian, Chinese, Madagascan and East African traditions.

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Reunion appeared out of the ocean nearly three million years ago. An astonishing lunar landscape, the floor shaped by hardened lava flows, the earth covered in orange and brown scorch marks: climbing up the Piton de la Fournaise reveals strange, stunning, but very accessible scenery. The Plaine des Sables, the Pas de Bellecombe mountain pass, craters and lava flows are just some of the magical places you will never forget. When you get to the base of the volcano, the scenery of the Savage South creates a visual spectacle, with craggy basalt cliffs, the green of lush vegetation and the deep blue of the Indian Ocean.



What makes hiking in Reunion so attractive is the variety of its environment and natural habitats within a well-marked network of trails. Reunion is a hiker’s paradise offering kids’ trails, family walks, night or beachfront walks, as well as steeper, demanding trails for the more experienced.

With no roads and no cars, Cirque of Mafate is the mecca of Reunionese hiking. One of the most popular tracks is Col des Boeufs bordering Mafate and Salazie Cirque. From the lush Salazie, in the heart of creole culture, you will have the opportunity to admire one of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Climbing up Piton des Neiges from Cilaos, with an overnight stop in a mountain lodge before you reach the ‘roof’ of the Indian Ocean offers a unique panorama that not all hikers have had the chance to enjoy as it stands at over 3000 metres. Piton de la Fournaise offers an unforgettable walk in a moon-like world and is driveable from Plaine des Cafres to Pas de Bellecombe.



Reunion Island is a paradise for amateurs and professionals of big-game fishing. The best season for a good catch is between October and May. Blue and black marlin, sailfish, Dorado, sea bream, barracuda, sharks and tuna are the main catch.

You can relax on warm sandy beaches, enjoying peace and tranquillity along 22 kms of translucent lagoons, protected by a coral belt, with exceptionally well preserved turquoise blue waters.

A range of water-based activities, in and on the water, is on offer ranging from snorkelling and stand-up paddle boarding in the Marine Nature Reserve of the Ermitage trail on the west between St Gilles les Baines, St Leu and Etang Sale’ les Baines, to sailing, jet skiing, see-through kayaking, scuba-diving and deep-sea fishing. Or you could try canyoning and white-water activities in the many streams and waterfalls.

Dolphins and whales are regular visitors to the island and you can enjoy a variety of boat trips and sometimes it’s even possible to see them from the shoreline.

Reunion enjoys a pleasant sub-tropical climate softened by the trade winds. Each year is divided into two seasons: the dry and cool winter season lasts from May to October (from June to August, there is a ‘winter` only by name, except in the heights, with temperatures of around 21 – 25ºC.). This is the perfect time for walking and hiking.

From November to April, there is the hot and humid summer season (with temperatures ranging 26-34ºC on the coast) that is responsible of two-thirds of annual rainfall, which explains how beautiful the waterfalls are during this season. February can attract cyclones.













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