Sandwiched between its two large neighbours Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America, but a little gem. Often overlooked by travellers, Uruguay is not only safe and easy to travel in with English being widely spoken, but it combines trendy, urban chic with pristine beaches, charming colonial towns full of intriguing history as well as being the perfect place to takes one’s foot off the treadmill and get away from it all for a few days.

Uruguay’s sophisticated capital Montevideo on the banks of the River Plate boasts many architectural delights, fine dining and a bustling market scene, whilst the UNESCO-protected colonial town of Colonia takes you back in time to the colonial era of the 17th Century.

For those keen to get off the beaten track, the countryside offers a world of rolling hills, birdwatching, wine tasting at pretty vineyards or living the traditional gaucho life with some wonderful riding on working cattle ranches and indulging in some of the world’s finest asados (BBQ’s) !

Alternatively the white sandy beaches, great nightlife, chic beachfront hotels and hip boutique scene are fast turning Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio into the playground of the world’s jetset.

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Live like a gaucho

finca piedra uruguay

Uruguay is an agricultural country at heart with a hugely important cattle industry and is famed for its fabulous beef, much of which gets exported around the world. There are a number of delightful estancias or working cattle farms dotted around the beautiful countryside where you can stay for a few days or longer and get involved in the day to day activities.

For those who like horse riding, then why not spend a few days living like a gaucho and helping out your charming hosts with the cattle herding, branding, milking and perhaps enjoy some rodeo or polo after a day’s working on the estancia.

Take part in a Mate ceremony

mate uruguay

Drinking mate is a national obsession in Uruguay. Whether you’re at work, watching telly at home, driving a car or hanging out on the beach, there is always a good time to drink mate and people can be seen religiously clutching their mate cups.

Mate is a drink made from the infusion of yerba (dried leaves and twigs from a specific tree species) and hot water and contains a strong caffeine element. It supposedly acts as a stimulant and reduces fatigue and is thought to host powerful antioxidants that boost immunity from colds & flu.

The mate cup is often highly decorated and is made from a dried gourd and is accompanied by a metal drinking straw (bombilla) and the accompanying thermos of hot water is used to infuse the yerba. The interesting thing about mate is that it is more than just a drink. It is a tradition that is deeply rooted in local culture and is more of a way of life in Uruguay and time spent drinking mate is time spent sharing and connecting with ones friends.

The best time to visit are the warmer months from November to March, when you should have some lovely clear blue skies and plenty of sun. April & May can still be a nice time to visit with far fewer tourists around. June to September tend to be the coolest months, whilst rainfall is usually fairly evenly spread throughout the year. December & January can get very booked up months in advance as the beaches are particularly popular with the South American jet set.













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