With over 25% of its land surface devoted to the conservation of wildlife and blessed with some of the greatest concentrations of land animals to be found anywhere on the planet, Tanzania is a fabulous safari destination. The variety of habitats is as diverse as that of the wildlife, ranging from the grasslands of the Serengeti to the forests of Mahale, the shimmering snows of Kilimanjaro to the swathes of white sands on Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean coast.

The grasslands of the Serengeti & Ngorongoro witness the annual spectacle of the simply awesome wildebeest migration, whilst in the south of Tanzania the Selous & Ruaha remain vast, untrammelled wilderness areas. Mahale in the far west is home to wild chimpanzees, whilst Katavi is one of the least visited parks in Africa.

After a safari there is no better place to relax than on the white coral sands of Zanzibar, Mafia or Pemba or along the tropical mainland coast.

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Ballooning over the Serengeti

Hot air balloon at Sossusvlei

To rise silently above the endless savannah plains of the Serengeti National Park and observe the bush as it comes to life as the sun slowly rises with you is one of the most exciting bush experiences.

Floating effortlessly above the roving herds of buffalo and wildebeest and seeing this fascinating environment from a totally different perspective is an enchanting experience.

As you glide back to earth, just skimming the tops of the trees, the ground crew is already preparing your champagne breakfast in the shade of a spreading acacia tree. Fine linen, silver cutlery and English porcelain are used in uncompromising style. After breakfast, as the day begins to heat up you return to your lodge or camp, making a short game drive en route, and you are ready to embrace another day of adventure and discovery on the Serengeti plains.

Please note that for each passenger flown by balloon a royalty is donated towards the conservation funds of Tanzania National Parks.

Kilimanjaro Treks


Kilimanjaro is for many people the ultimate trekking experience because it is generally accepted as being the highest ‘walkable mountain’ in the world. It is a considerable achievement to reach the summit although no technical climbing skill is required.

It is a long, hard trek that reaches an altitude of 5,896 metres, but those who do make it to Uhuru Peak are rewarded with stunning views across the East African plains and the euphoric sensation of literally standing at the top of the continent.

Kilimanjaro, the ‘Mountain of God’, has been revered by the local tribes for many years and it was believed that those attempting to climb to the summit would be punished by the spirits. The first European to achieve this feat was Hans Meyer, a German geologist, in October 1889 and it has remained an enduring challenge ever since. It is the highest and youngest of the three large East African volcanoes (Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon being the other two) with its oldest lava flows dating back to approximately 1 million years ago.

The dry, warm months from mid-December to March and the dry, but cooler months between June to October are generally the best times to trek on the mountain when the weather is most favourable. From November to mid-December is a little more unpredictable with some beautiful sunny days mixed with some poor weather. The months of April and May should be avoided since it can be very wet with heavy snow and therefore also very cold.

The views tend to be that much clearer after the end of the rains in May since the dust in the air is swept away, although the views on clear days are breathtaking throughout the year. It should be noted that weather patterns are changing throughout the world and becoming less predictable, so it is important that you come prepared for poor weather on the mountain at any time of the year.

There are a number of different routes and different combinations of routes and although there is usually a minimum number of days for all routes, there is no maximum. Therefore you can take your time in order to become well acclimatised and we can tailor arrangements for you so that you can proceed at your own pace.

We offer weekly scheduled departures on the Rongai and Shiraroutes throughout the year, and these are ideal if you wish to join a group and make your trek as cost effective as possible. We can also arrange private treks on the Rongai, Shira and other routes such as the Machame and Lemosho.

Should you wish to go on a longer ‘Roof of Africa’ trek and climb both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, then that can be easily arranged, and all climbs can also be arranged as part of a longer safari.

Riding Safaris

Kenya riding safari

Horse riding can be enjoyed in the Manyara and Serengeti areas of northern Tanzania.

Singita Reserves offers day rides out of Sasakwa Lodge for intermediate and advanced riders, as well as longer riding itineraries lasting for 2 – 8 days. These are operated between Sasakwa Lodge, Singita Explore and Singita Faru Faru Lodge, cantering amongst the game across the wide open Serengeti plains across to the tree-lined Grumeti River.

Day rides can also be enjoyed on the Manyara Ranch Conservancy, which is situated between Tarangire & Lake Manyara National Parks. Imagine galloping amongst a herd of a hundred wildebeest and zebra, or try your skills at tracking elephant and lion from your horse.

Riding can vary from a slow walk to a canter, depending on what wildlife is close by and the surfaces encountered. Half day rides for experienced riders are offered from the camp, led by skilled equestrian guides.

Walking Safaris

Norman Carr Safaris

Why on foot? An African safari in a 4×4 vehicle is always an exciting concept and a wonderful way to see parts of this beautiful continent, but to travel on foot brings you that much closer to the real Africa and with senses heightened this can be a truly exhilarating experience. The slower you travel, often the more you see!

Having spent many years in Tanzania ourselves, getting to know some of the more remote areas, we are delighted to be able to offer some wonderful opportunities to see some beautiful parts of the country that are rarely visited and often only accessible on foot.

Walks can last from anything between one or two hours from your camp to a full walking safari over several days and supported by a mobile lightweight camp and crew.

In northern Tanzania there are some excellent opportunities for walking in the Tarangire ecosystem and on some of the dormant Rift Valley volcanoes such as Mt. Esimingor. The Crater Highlands are ideal for hiking amongst impressive peaks and crater lakes, dense forests and grassy ridges, streams and waterfalls. Myriad wildlife co-exists with the pastoralist Maasai peoples in this region and one of the most exciting safari experiences is to approach big game on foot with your armed guide – nowhere typifies this experience more than the Loliondo area in the Serengeti ecosystem.

In the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania bush walks with overnight fly camping are expertly conducted from Sand Rivers and the Selous Safari Camp and from Jongomero in Ruaha, whilst the Udzungwa Mountains offer the chance to explore unique cloud forest which is home to several endemic primate and bird species.

We can arrange group trips or tailor-made safaris for you according to your preferences – please contact us for further details.

The dry seasons from June to October and December to March are generally considered the best times to visit Tanzania and Zanzibar.













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A Glimpse of the South

Highlights of this itinerary:

  • Amazing game viewing in the wilderness of the Selous
  • Boat trips on the Rufiji River and game walks in the Selous
  • Relax on the coast at Ras Kutani
  • 4 nights at Siwandu Camp
  • 3 nights at Ras Kutani

Please contact us on 01905 731373 for further details and pricing.

Northern Tanzania in Style

Highlights of this itinerary:

  • Driving & flying safari covering the highlights of Northern Tanzania
  • Amazing game viewing
  • Variety of landscapes and terrains
  • Private guide & private vehicle for most of the itinerary
  • 1 night at Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • 2 nights at Tarangire Treetops
  • 2 nights at The Manor at Ngorongoro
  • 3 nights at Migration Camp

Please contact us on 01905 731373 for further details and pricing.

The Great Ape Escape

Highlights of this itinerary:

  • Western Tanzania – One of the least visited parts of East Africa
  • Katavi and Mahale Mountains – Two stunning national parks of great contrast!
  • Varied & rich game viewing in Katavi
  • Track Chimpanzees in Mahale
  • Stay on the shores of Lake Tanganyika
  • 1 night at Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • 4 nights at Chada Katavi Camp
  • 3 nights at Greystoke Camp

Please contact us on 01905 731373 for further details and pricing.

Exclusive Tanzania with Zanzibar

Highlights of this itinerary:

  • Driving & flying safari covering the highlights of Northern Tanzania
  • Amazing game viewing in Northern Tanzania
  • Variety of landscapes and terrains
  • Exquisite accommodation throughout
  • Mnemba Island – The epitomy Barefoot luxury!
  • 1 night at Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • 2 nights at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
  • 2 nights at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
  • 3 nights at Singita Faru Faru
  • 3 nights at Mnemba Island Lodge

Please contact us on 01905 731373 for further details and pricing.

Family Adventure

  • Family friendly lodges & camps throughout
  • Driving safari covering the highlights of Northern Tanzania
  • Private guide and private vehicle throughout on safari
  • Amazing game viewing on safari
  • Breezes Beach Club – Beach property with a wide range of activities
  • 1 night at Moivaro Coffee Lodge
  • 2 nights at Tarangire Safari Lodge
  • 2 nights at Plantation Lodge
  • 3 nights at Migration Camp
  • 4 nights at Breezes Beach Club

Please contact us on 01905 731373 for further details and pricing.




A Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

Yellow Fever vaccination required if arriving from an endemic area.

Time Difference

GMT + 3 Hours

Flight Time

11.5 Hours Indirect


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