Nile Cruises

A cruise on the River Nile is the most relaxing and enjoyable way to discover the true source of Egypt’s fabled history and the reason for its rise in status to become one of the world’s earliest and greatest civilisations.


  • A relaxing way to visit some of Ancient Egypt’s historical sites
  • A fun party atmosphere on board with great entertainment
  • A glimpse of life which has hardly changed for centuries
  • Superb bird watching along the papyrus-lined riverbanks

Likened by the ancient Egyptians to a lotus flower – the Delta being the flower and its valley the stem – the Nile is nothing short of the lifeblood of the country, creating the fertile soils necessary to grow abundant maize, sugar-cane, wheat and other vegetables and fruits.

As the world’s longest river stretching for a total length of some 6,680 km – originating as the White Nile from Lake Victoria in Uganda and as the Blue Nile from Lake Tana in the Ethiopian Highlands – the two rivers converge at Khartoum before flowing northwards into the Mediterranean. Before the creation of the High Dam at Aswan the annual summer flood of the Nile would cover the surrounding land with a rich layer of silt, ideal for agriculture; now the flow of water is controlled by the dam, resulting in a reliable inundation in years of poor rainfall further south.

A Nile Cruise between Aswan and Luxor (or vice versa) allows you to visit a number of remarkable temple sites en route such as Edfu and Kom Ombo, whilst travelling quietly along the majestic river, which is home to myriad birdlife and a fascinating culture which has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries.




A visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT + 2 hours

Flight Time

5.5 hours Direct


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