Damaraland lies between the Skeleton Coast and the high central plateau of Namibia. It is a truly remarkable place of jagged mountains and semi-desert plains juxtaposed between huge sand dunes constantly being shaped by the winds.

Why visit Damaraland ?

  • Enjoy some of the very best nighttime stargazing on the planet
  • Visit the remarkable ancient San rock art at Twyfelfontein
  • Go in search of the desert-adapted elephants, kudu and many other species
  • Track rhino on foot with the specialist Save the Rhino researchers
  • Learn how the welwitshcia & other plants live in this hostile habitat

As the sun rises and the temperatures begin to soar, this whole barren wilderness starts to shimmer and turns a deep shade of ochre. Once the home of ancient bush tribes and still home to Damaraland people, the whole region offers wonderful opportunities for exploration and observation of the fascinating indigenous flora and fauna.

Game drives into the Huab River valley reveal those animals that have adapted remarkably well to this harshest of environments including the desert elephant, gemsbok, springbok, greater kudu, ostrich and, on rare occasions, even the black rhino and lion that manage to eke out an existence in the mountains. Walking through this lunar landscape to marvel at the endless vistas of rock and sand, and soak up the piercing silence of these serene and timeless lands, will leave an indelible impression.

The ancient Bushmen engravings at Twyfelfontein, one of the largest displays of rock art in Africa, are well worth a visit, as is the Petrified Forest outside Korixas which is an open area of bushveld that contains the remains of trees fossilized over 200 million years ago.




No Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT +2 Hours

Flight Time

13 Hours Indirect


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