Serengeti National Park

A sea of wavering grasses that penetrate the horizon, these vast open savannah plains play host to a daily ritual of life and death. The Serengeti National Park is famous across the world as the habitat for a huge variety of birds, animals and plants.

Why visit Serengeti National Park ?

  • Quintessential open East African savannah plains & endless horizons
  • Host to the annual wildebeest migration between November – July
  • Superb game viewing of the big cats, often hunting
  • Balloon safari at sunrise over the grass plains, rivers and kopjes

This vast ecosystem of golden grassland, acacia woodland and huge granite kopjes is ruled by large prides of lion who endlessly compete for food with cheetah, hyena and the elusive leopard, and to sit with and observe these remarkable creatures is a totally captivating experience.

The great wildebeest migration usually heads south from the Masai Mara during November in search of greener pastures and, on reaching the southern boundary of the park near Lake Ndutu, the miracle of birth swamps the landscape and the predators close in for the rich pickings. As the months pass and the great herds head back north in search of better food, they face the hurdle of the mighty Mara River and the huge crocodiles that lurk close beneath the surface. The vast majority complete the journey and so the annual cycle can start all over again. The game viewing can be intense and fascinating, leaving an indelible mark upon the observer who witnesses one of nature’s most remarkable spectacles in its rawest form.




A Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

Yellow Fever vaccination required if arriving from an endemic area.

Time Difference

GMT + 3 Hours

Flight Time

11.5 Hours Indirect


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