Weddell Sea

Huge tabular icebergs and extremely heavy pack ice make the Weddell Sea very difficult to navigate and only a handful of ships venture each season in search of emperor penguins, untamed landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

Why visit Weddell Sea ?

  • Discover the less frequented Weddell Sea side of the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Make helicopter flights over the Ronne and Filchner Ice Shelf
  • Photograph the more than 20,000 Adelie penguins that breed at Penguin Point
  • Visit the northernmost emperor penguin rookery at Snow Hill Island
  • Navigate through the pack ice and enjoy the extraordinary scenery

The Weddell Sea was discovered by James Weddell in 1823 and is known for its untouched landscapes and breathtaking scenery. The Ronne and Filchner Ice Shelf form the Weddell Sea’s southern coast and together with the Larsen Ice Shelf these produce the huge tabular icebergs that are so abundant in the Weddell Sea. During an expedition cruise into this remote area you navigate as far as the pack ice allows you, in search of individual emperor penguins. Many of the explorations are carried out by helicopter, offering scenic flights over the extraordinary landscapes and landings on the sweeping icebergs of the White Continent.

If ice conditions are favourable and the route to Snow Hill Island is free of multi-year pack ice you have the chance to see an emperor penguin colony that consists of 4,000 birds. Often the vessel will not be able to make it this far south, but the amazing surroundings and single straggling emperor penguins as well as groups of chinstrap, gentoo and Adelie penguins will ensure you have embarked on an unforgettable experience!




No Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT -3 Hours

Flight Time

17 Hours Indirect


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