Danum Valley Rainforest

The Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of Sabah’s most important and beautiful natural jewels. It is a sprawling 438 square kilometres of rainforest and is one of the richest bio-diversity conservation areas in the world.

Why visit Danum Valley Rainforest ?

  • Explore one of the world’s oldest and best-preserved rainforests
  • Admire the variety and colour of local flora and fauna
  • Head out for night walks to spot some of Borneo’s big mammals
  • Follow scenic trails to waterfalls and burial sites

Not only is it home to over 200 species of tree per hectare some of which are the oldest and tallest in the world, but also boats a huge variety of endangered wildlife including the Sumatran rhino, Asian elephant, clouded leopard, orang-utan and proboscis monkey. It is also birdwatchers’ heaven with over 325 species recorded here and there is a 100-foot high canopy walkway allowing visitors to get great views of the birds and the surrounding forest.

Not only can you enjoy guided forest walks, but also night drives by open jeep, which offer a different perspective of the rainforest. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls and rivers including Sungai Purut 7-tiered pools and also a trek to the viewpoint which passes Coffin Cliff, an ancient Kadazan Dusun burial site.




A visa is not required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required. Yellow Fever certificate if arriving from an endemic area.

Time Difference

GMT + 8 Hours

Flight Time

16 hours with one stop


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