Alexa Private Cruises

Location: When choosing a luxury Indonesian yacht charter, ALEXA can only be described as the perfect vessel for romantic sailing within the archipelago. Komodo National Park is one of our top destinations within the Wallacea Region of Indonesia. Identified by WWF and Conservation International as a global conservation priority area, Komodo has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Rooms: 1 Cabin with private balcony

Facilities: Dining area, sleeping under the stars platform, Sunbeds, Lounge, Spa

Activities: Diving/Snorkeling, Fishing, Wildlife viewing, Touring to remote Islands, villages & view points

Our Opinion: Alexa Private Cruises offers the most exclusive way to experience this spectacular part of Indonesia. With just one cabin and seven crew, the cruise itinerary is totally bespoke and will surely be the most unforgettable journey




A visa is not required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required. Yellow Fever required if arriving from an endemic area.

Time Difference

GMT +8 Hours

Flight Time

16hrs with one stop


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