Lake Atitlan

The word ‘Atitlan’ is a Mayan word that translates as ‘the place where the rainbow gets its colours’. Panajachel is an 800 year old town of about 14000 people, mostly Kaqchikel Mayans and they are among the largest of the 22 distinct Mayan groups living in Guatemala, each with its own traditional language, dress and customs.

Why visit Lake Atitlan ?

  • Take a boat to explore the enchanting indigenous lakeside villages
  • Look for bargains at the vibrant and colourful Solola market
  • Visit the local workshops to see the traditional weavers at work
  • Come face to face with Maximon, the legendary Mayan deity
  • Watch the sun set over the beautiful lake and surrounding volcanoes

Together, they define the only native culture in the entire Americas that has survived the European invasion of 500 years ago intact.The Mayan culture still thrives in the highlands of Guatemala, especially around Lake Atitlan, which makes this region so culturally rich and fascinating.

Head off by boat across Lake Atitlan to the village of San Juan La Laguna to visit the women’s textile cooperative and see hand weaving and the natural dye process. From here you can continue to the village of Santiago to visit the Maya God Maximon and learn not only about the textiles, but also about spiritualism and the beliefs of the T’zutujil Maya.




No visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT + 6 Hours

Flight Time

14 hours with one stop


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