Named after the 16th century Portugese Trader, Lourenco Marques, the city of Maputo was founded in 1876. Its growth was slow until 1895, when a railroad linked it to Pretoria and the gold-rush areas of South Africa and by 1907 it had become Mozambique’s capital city.

Why visit Maputo ?

Peace came to Mozambique in the 1990’s after decades of internal strife. And since then the country has had to work hard to develop economically. While tourism is becoming an increasingly important part of economical development, the industry is still small, and Maputo remains a largely undiscovered destination.

You’ll find a vibrant, colourful African city where the roads are lined with makeshift stalls, old colonial buildings and modern office blocks. The city is a melting pot of several cultures, with a strong South African influence. The Bantu and Portuguese cultures dominate, but the influence of Arab, Indian and Chinese cultures is also felt. The cuisine is very elaborate, owing especially to the Portuguese and Muslim heritage. If eating fresh crab curry or piri piri chicken and watching a lively world go by appeals, then Maputo might just fascinate you.




A Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

Yellow Fever vaccination required if arriving from an endemic area.

Time Difference

GMT + 2 Hours

Flight Time

13 Hours Indirect


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