Irrawaddy River Cruises

Stretching like a backbone some 1,240 miles from the northern tip of Myanmar down to the southern delta, the Irrawaddy River is inextricably linked with the people, the economy and development of the country.

Why visit Irrawaddy River Cruises ?

  • Explore remote local towns and villages
  • Gently sail between Myanmar’s historic capitals; Mandalay and Bagan
  • Keep an eye out for the profuse bird life in the less populated areas
  • Travel to the Upper Irrawaddy, to Katha,  the setting for George Orwell’s novel
  • View the staggering gorges & towering cliffs of the 2nd Defile

Lined with pagodas, palaces and temples as well as pretty little villages with men cultivating their fields and children scurrying excitedly along its fertile banks, to cruise along the waters of this life-giving river offers a fascinating glimpse into the very heart and soul of this magnificent country.

There are a few very comfortable boats that offer cruises ranging from 1 to 7 nights along the Irrawaddy usually between the bustling city of Mandalay and the temple-studded plains Bagan. With delicious food, great service, comfy beds and a delightfully leisurely pace, there is no better way to enjoy some of Myanmar’s greatest highlights than from the deck of an Irrawaddy cruise boat.

Alternatively for those seeking a cruise that takes you well off the beaten track and away from the crowds at the main sites between Mandalay and Bagan, then why not try a longer cruise on the more northerly stretch of the Irrawaddy River between Mandalay and Bhamo. This cruise does not offer such famous highlights, but instead gives visitors a fascinating insight into many delightful villages to see the unseen and enjoy the warmth of the local Burmese people.



A visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required. Yellow Fever required if arriving from an endemic area

Time Difference

GMT +6 ½ hours

Flight Time

12 hours with one stop