Mergui Archipelago

Although the Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago, a collection of 800 islands, coral reefs and beaches lying off the far south coast of Myanmar in the sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea, officially opened to tourism in 1997, its islands remain largely unexplored. These remote islands are home to the Moken or sea gypsies; a semi-nomadic, seafaring, hunter gather group of people who roam the seas in search of fish and other goods to trade and whose lifestyle, language and culture is unique. Myanmar’s only marine national park, the Lampi Marine National Park is a haven for birds, plus marine life like dugongs and turtles and has recently established a turtle hatchery. The Mergui Archipelago’s isolation and natural beauty make it a perfect place to unwind at the end of a tour.

Why visit Mergui Archipelago ?


  • Get away from it all
  • Snorkel or dive the archipelago’s reefs and caves
  • Participate in the Lampi foundation project developed in partnership with the Moken community
  • Enjoy an in villa massage
  • Climb to the top of Lampi Island’s hills to enjoy a beautiful vista of rainforest meeting white sand beaches and the turquoise sea.

The island of Wa Ale is extremely layback yet there are plenty of activities to choose from at the resort.



A visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required. Yellow Fever required if arriving from an endemic area

Time Difference

GMT +6 ½ hours

Flight Time

12 hours with one stop


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