King’s Highway

A trip along the 5,000 year old King’s Highway is one of the most memorable journeys in the Holy Land. Stretching south from Amman towards Petra via Madaba, Mount Nebo, the Wadi Mujib valley and the Crusader Castle of Kerak, this is an ancient road with abundant historical interest and wonderfully picturesque landscapes.

Why visit King’s Highway ?

  • Hike through the deep and spectacular sandstone gorges of Wadi Mujib
  • Marvel at the 6th Century Byzantine mosaics depicting a map of Jerusalem
  • Stand at the memorial site at Mount Nebo where Moses saw the ‘promised Land’
  • Step back in time as you explore the Crusader castle of Kerak
  • Soak up the fabulous views as you drive through the valleys and switchbacks

Madaba is the most important Christian centre in Jordan and has long been an example of religious tolerance with Muslims and Christians living side by side with mosques and churches all around the town. Byzantine-era mosaics, including a 6th Century map showing Jerusalem and other holy cities, are to be found in the Greek Orthodox church of St George.

Mount Nebo is where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. There is a memorial at the presumed site of the prophet’s death and burial place, although the exact location is still disputed. A small church was built by early Byzantine Christians and later extended into a big complex. The views from here over the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea to the rooftops of Jerusalem and Bethlehem are breathtaking.

The Wadi Mujib, sometimes known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Jordan’, is a vast and beautiful valley measuring about 1 km deep and 4 km across. A hike through its deep sandstone gorges is beautiful and a great way to get off the beaten track.

The route to Kerak follows the ancient road used by caravans travelling from Egypt to Syria in the times of the biblical kings, as well as by the Greeks and the Romans. The Crusader castle was built in 1142 AD, strategically placed overlooking the trade route and the pilgrimage route to Mecca. Today you can wander through the stone-vaulted halls, through endless passageways and into the better preserved parts of the castle underground. The castle is extremely impressive and shows the architectural skills of the Crusaders in their time.




A Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT + 3 hours (Apr-Sep), GMT + 2 Hours (Oct-Mar)

Flight Time

5 1/4 hours Direct


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