Lake Titicaca

Known as the ‘Sacred Lake of the Incas’, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at 3856 metres above sea level. The gigantic inland sea stretches over 8000 square kilometres and straddles Bolivia and Peru. The vast deep blue expanse of Lake Titicaca is in fact two lakes joined by the Straits of Tiquina, with the towering peaks of the Cordillera Real as a backdrop.

Why visit Lake Titicaca ?

• Be granted eternal youth by the waters of Sun Island’s Sacred fountain
• Tuck into a local dish of Lake Titicaca’s tasty trout
• Take the hydrofoil across the lake to visit some of the islands
• Watch the indigenous people paddle along in their totora reed boats
• Hike through the maze of trails and terraces on Sun Island

The larger, northern lake, Lago Mayor or Chucuito, contains the Islas del Sol and de la Luna (Sun and Moon Islands). Isla del Sol has a quiet serene beauty and is the perfect place to relax for a couple of days. There are many beautiful walks through villages and Inca terraces and a sacred rock in the north of the island is worshipped as the birthplace of the first Incas. Isla de la Luna lies southeast of Isla del Sol and you can visit the ruins of an Inca temple and nunnery although these are sadly neglected.

The Uros Floating Islands are also worth a visit to learn about the community’s sustainable tourism project, as is the pilgrimage town of Copacabana, an attractive little town and a popular stopping-off point on the way to or from Peru. Here, every Sunday, a long line of cars, buses and trucks decorated with flower garlands wait outside the cathedral to be blessed for their journeys.

Other interesting islands include Taquile and Suasi, although these are on the Peruvian side and so best visited when staying on that side of the border.




No Visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT - 4 Hours

Flight Time

14.5 hours with one stop


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