Baja Peninsula & Whale Watching

The Baja Peninsula is a long, thin arid peninsula bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Sea of Cortez. Also known as the Gulf of California, these sparkling blue waters fill the deep chasm between Baja and the rest of Mexico.

Why visit Baja Peninsula & Whale Watching ?

  • See the spectacular migration of the gray whales firsthand at Guerrero Negro
  • Hike through majestic cardon cacti and glimpse a cougar in the Sierra de la Laguna
  • Kayak with whale sharks at Espiritu Santo
  • Ride the perfect Pacific swell at San Miguel
  • Dive or snorkel at mystical Las Sirenitas in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

These nutrient-rich waters are some of the most biologically rich on the planet, and host more endemic species than any other body of water in the world. Its warm currents provide the perfect environment for calving Californian Gray whales during January to March as well as an ideal habitat for Finback whales year round and whale watching trips are becoming increasingly popular.

Whale watching is one of the principal highlights, but the peninsula offers a wide variety of other activities such as horse riding, scuba-diving, kayaking, sailing, golf and relaxing on some beautiful coastline. La Paz is the capital city of the peninsula and has some fine old, colonial buildings and there are some stunning 5 star beach resorts offering the perfect beach holiday.




No visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT - 6 Hours

Flight Time

11.5 hours Direct


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