San Blas Islands

The Caribbean coast along the north east of Panama is Kuna Yala territory and it is along this stunning stretch of coastline and on some of the 370 San Blas Islands that the self-ruling indigenous Kuna Indians live. The Kuna have been a fiercely independent tribe since the days of the Spanish conquistadors and won the right to self-governance back in 1952. They now make a living from fishing, agriculture on the mainland and the selling of colourful and intricate embroidery and handicrafts.

Why visit San Blas Islands ?

  • Sail around these azure waters and remote islands in a private yacht
  • Learn about the fascinating Kuna history, politics and culture
  • Go snorkelling in some of the region’s most pristine coral reefs
  • See the beautifully embroidered dresses and jewellery of the Kuna
  • Get away from it all on some stunning and uninhabited islands

The San Blas Islands are a chain of coral atolls that run parallel to the coast like a string of pearls and are home to many beautiful palm-fringed islands and bountiful coral reefs. Only around forty of the islands are populated by the indigenous Kuna community who are extremely protective of their natural environment. They welcome tourism as long as it is carefully managed and there are now a few small, basic resorts to stay in or private yachts can be arranged to sail around the islands. For those more interested in beautiful scenery, indigenous culture and wonderful marine life rather than 5 star luxury, then these islands are well worth visiting.




No visa is required for UK passport holders.

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations are required.

Time Difference

GMT - 6 Hours

Flight Time

13 hours with one stop


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